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How to protect your company´s data

September 20, 2021

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How to protect your company´s data. Ransomware and phishing attacks have been very common lately. If your business hasn’t been the victim of any of these, you have been lucky so far. Take measures and protect your company’s data now. Secure your company data with these six things: 

  1. Buy security software

Make sure all your employee’s devices are using security software. If necessary, hire an outside IT company to monitor and ensure that the applications are updated. 

  1. Setup an online backup

Make sure your databases are backed up multiple times per day. Use cloud services; this way, if you are attacked, you can wipe everything and restore it from your backup 

  1. Get training

Everybody in the company should identify “phishing” emails and any communications, among other potential threats. Train your employees regularly. You can hire an IT firm or consider using software like KnowBe4 and Proofpoint. 

  1. Re-visit passwordsHow to protect your company´s data

Make it a requirement to use password management software o create long and complicated passwords. Also, make sure you have a multi-factor authentication process to access anything on your network. 

  1. Update every operating system

It is important that you update every device that works for your company. Why? Because the top three makers of operating systems (Microsoft, Apple, and Google) release updates to their designs that include security protections. 

  1. Get cyber insurance

None of the above actions is 100% guaranteed, and cybercriminals are always one step ahead. When everything falls, having protection for the liabilities is the best option. 

Even when none of these actions are foolproof, the more obstacles you put in the way, the higher chances cyber thieves will get frustrated and move on to an easier pick. 

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