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Tony T. Liu

Attorney Tony Liu

Tony T. Liu

Founding Attorney of Focus Law

Principal Business Trial Attorney

Hi there, I’m Tony! Imagine growing up with two incredibly loving and honest parents who, despite their best intentions, faced hardships due to ill-fated business partnerships. Time and again, they found themselves underappreciated, overworked, or even betrayed by deceitful partners—all in the quest to provide a better life for our family.

From ages 6 to 15, I couldn’t help but notice how the choice of the wrong business partners negatively impacted our family’s finances and lifestyle. As I watched my friends and classmates enjoy their possessions, I refrained from asking my parents for anything, fully aware of the sacrifices they were making and the stress they endured.

Witnessing the toll these damaging partnerships took on my parents’ self-esteem and self-worth was the most profound realization for me. I yearned for someone to guide them in making wiser decisions about business partners and to provide support on when and how to exit a partnership that wasn’t beneficial.

As I matured, I unexpectedly became that person—a lawyer dedicated to aiding others in navigating the complexities of business relationships.

Embrace The Expertise Of Tony Liu

And so, this journey has led me to become a business trial attorney and a steadfast advocate within California’s business legal community. Admitted to the California State Bar in 2003, I embarked on a mission to uphold the rights of both individuals and businesses. With a law degree from Chapman University and an advanced law degree in LL.M. both in taxation and trial advocacy, my capabilities are continuously refined through experiences like the Jerry Spence Trial Lawyers College and Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Trial Advocacy Project.

Innovate With The ‘Focus Law Model’

More than a trial attorney, I serve as a strategic advisor for businesses facing the tumultuous seas of commercial law. My ‘Focus Law Model’ caters to companies seeking a dynamic and responsive General Counsel service, circumventing the need for a fixed in-house legal department.

Prevent And Prevail With Proactive Legal Guidance

With a proactive and reactive duality, I steer clients clear of legal entanglements while confidently navigating through any challenges that arise. This balanced approach has anchored my reputation as a guardian of business integrity within the Southern California community.
Step forward with Tony T. Liu, where your legal journey transforms into a narrative of triumph, foresight, and perpetual growth.

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice in California, 2003


  • Handle real estate, corporate, business, commercial transactions and litigation.
  • Represent clients in administrative hearings, depositions, binding arbitrations, mediations, and trials.
  • Manage all aspect of cases from inception through completion.
  • Maintain close relationships with clients and ensure their goals are reached.
  • Represent clients whose lives have been adversely affected by the actions of our government, corporations, big businesses, insurance companies, and other wrong doers.


Transnational telecommuters are living on Delhi time article

California Business Journal (2020)

Anaheim City Attorney’s Office – Criminal Division– Trial Counsel (Volunteer)

  • Prosecuted criminal offenses through jury trials
  • Interviewed police officers and witnesses in preparation for trials.

Orange County District Attorney’s Office — Prosecuting Attorney (Volunteer)

  • Prosecuted criminal offenses through jury trials
  • Handled arraignments, pre-trials, and suppression motions.
  • Represented the State of California in felony preliminary hearings.
  • Interviewed police officers, witnesses, forensic scientists in preparation for trials, suppression motions, and preliminary hearings.


  • LL.M. in Trial Advocacy — Chapman University School of Law
  • LL.M. in Taxation — Golden Gate University School of Law
  • J.D. — Chapman University School of Law
  • B.A. in Finance (Real Estate) — California State University, Fullerton


  • Graduate — Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College
  • Graduate — Trial Advocacy Project (TAP) – Los Angeles County Bar Association


  • Speaker, Asian Business Association of Orange County’s 2009 Small Business Day on “Choice of Business Legal Entities”
  • Speaker, Asian Business Association of Orange County’s 2008 Small Business Day on “Choice of Business Legal Entities”
  • Speaker, Whittier College’s video conference in 2007 on “U.S.-China Business Relationship”
  • Speaker, “L.I.F.T. Business Foundation” – 2018 to present


  • Orange County Bar Association
  • Orange County Trial Lawyer’s Association
  • Orange County Criminal Defense Bar Association
  • Orange County Asian American Bar Association
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association


California State University, Fullerton – Extended Education Program

  • Advisory Board Member on International Business Certification Program (2006)
North Orange County Chinese Culture Association

North Orange County Chinese School

  • President (2007-2008)
  • Parent Association President (2006-2007)
  • Board Member (2003-2005; 2006-2008)

Orange County Chinese American Lion’s Club

  • President (2011 – 2012)
  • First Vice President (2008 – 2011)
  • Secretary (2013)
  • Board of Director (2008 – 2014)
  • Member (2006-2014)

Asian Business Association of Orange County

  • President (2008); President-Elect (2007)
  • Board Member (2006-2009)
  • Legal Counsel (2005 – 2007)
  • Member (2006 – 2009)

Orange County Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce

  • President (2007)
  • Vice President and President-Elect (2006)
  • Board Member (2005-2009)
  • Member (2004 to 2010)

Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County –

  • Board of Director (2009 to 2010; 2013)
  • Member (2008 to 2013)

Client Review

"I highly recommend attorney Tony Liu for anyone who needs legal assistance. An invalid subpoena was served on me, but Tony resolved it quickly and effectively. Tony's expertise and professionalism saved me a lot of time, money, and stress. He did an amazing job and I am very grateful for his service. Thank you, Tony!"
Annie Park
Client Review