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Corporate Matters

You have several options if you’re considering a legal entity for your business.  Creating a corporation may be right for you and Focus Law can help you with your legal needs from setting up the corporation, making sure all the legal requirements are met to continue its operation to the day you may want it dissolved.

We understand the priorities of businesses and entrepreneurs. We have represented business owners for many years and has a substantial business network in Orange County. we understand the practical issues businesses face and their need for workable solutions that will help them now and into the future. Focus Law is a law firm you can trust to handle your business’ corporate matters.

These matters may seem cut and dry and you may think you can save a lot of money by just going online and buying fill in the blank corporate forms. You can be penny wise and pound foolish if you go this route. You may end up lacking the legal protections you think you obtained when you filled out forms that may have not been the right ones for you.

We can help you with critical pieces of the foundation of your business and help you plan ahead for good times and bad in order to avoid or limit future conflicts, disagreements and legal issues that may come your way. His services include,

  • Formation and maintenance of corporations,
  • Negotiation and drafting of all types of corporate agreements,
  • Completion of risk management and coordination of insurance coverages with insurance agencies,
  • Corporate transactions including acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, national and international joint ventures, public and private stock offerings,
  • Corporate strategic planning, and,
  • Corporate compliance.

We take the time to get to know you and your business, your strengths and challenges, your plans and the opportunities you hope to take advantage of. He can help with every legal issue your business faces. There’s no need for you to bounce from one lawyer who specializes in one thing to another lawyer who can help you with something else. You won’t need to waste your time educating one lawyer then another about your business, how it’s managed and the issues you face.

We have experience not only with corporate law but litigation as well and this allows him to give his clients real world advice in how to avoid mistakes to prevent problems from growing into conflicts and lawsuits. He takes the time to answer his clients’ questions and prides himself in being honest and up front with his clients so they can make educated decisions about what to do next.

We can help you protect you and your business by handling the necessary corporate matters that are critical to the legal protections it receives as a corporation. He can help you think about potential legal issues that may interfere with your business and come up with a plan to prevent those issues from preventing its potential growth. To schedule a consultation with an experienced California business expert at Focus Law by calling (714) 415-2007 now.

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