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Attorney Tony Liu

Win the Battle Before it Begins

Business Litigation Attorney Serving Orange County & Los Angeles

A Southern California business law and commercial litigation firm that advocates on behalf of entrepreneurs so that they can focus on serving their companies’ interests.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

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Who We Are and What We Stand For

Focus Law provides the same quality legal services and informed guidance to smaller businesses that large corporations benefit from when they hire in-house counsel. Yet, due to our flexible model, entrepreneurs don’t have to incur never-ending legal costs in order to retain our dedicated representation of their interests.

When pressing litigation demands our attention, we advocate for our clients with unparalleled focus. Yet, when no urgent legal need is diverting time, energy, and resources from a company’s operations, entrepreneurs can proactively benefit from our informed approach to intellectual property concerns, contract matters, and business law generally only as necessary.

Due to our firm’s focus on smaller businesses, we can tailor our approach to each client’s unique needs instead of broadly serving the complex interests of a single entity. As a result, our firm’s reputation for excellence in client-focused representation serves as a testament to our team’s dedication to each and every entrepreneur who contacts us for personalized professional guidance and legal support.

Serving Our Clients Successfully

While no ethical law firm can guarantee results, our record of success speaks for itself.

  • Comprehensive Legal Expertise Since 2003

    Attorney Liu covers a wide range of legal disciplines.

  • Flexible, Cost-Effective Legal Solutions

    Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Dedicated to Client Success in California

    Proven track record in client-focused representation.

Our Practice Areas

At Focus Law LA, we provide comprehensive legal expertise across a range of key business areas, ensuring your enterprise is supported at every turn. Whether addressing the complexities of business partnerships and partnership disputes, tackling challenging business litigation, or resolving complex corporate disputes, our skilled attorneys are here to guide you. Our dedication to excellence and client-focused approach makes us a trusted partner in safeguarding and resolving your business’s legal matters.

Our Difference

  • Consultations in Mandarin
  • Over 20 Years of Legal Experience
  • Known & Trusted in the Community
  • The Predictable Fee Approach
  • Aggressive Representation

Contract disputes, intellectual property infringement, employment litigation, partnership disagreements, and all other kinds of pressing business law issues can derail a company’s operations and imperil its reputation, bottom-line, and overall sustainability. By engaging our services, the owners of sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and smaller corporations can proactively address and strategically respond to any threat to their companies’ interests.

Our team offers comprehensive, aggressive representation of businesses while allowing business owners the flexibility to engage our services only when warranted. Instead of keeping a fully-staffed, expensive in-house counsel team always at the ready, your business can count on our team whenever you need us while knowing that we’re on standby to respond to your company’s needs at a moment’s notice when no legal needs demand your attention.

Our firm’s reputation within the Southern California business community speaks for itself. Yet, we don’t rest on our laurels. We strive daily to earn the trust, respect, and confidence of our clients and prospective clients. And while we are proud of our decades of experience representing the interests of companies in The Golden State, we never stop learning nor evolving our approach to better suit the needs of those we serve.

Our experience provides us with the insight necessary to determine the most cost effective strategy for your business litigation.

We’re the right business lawyer for your special case.

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Meet Your Attorney Tony Liu

Business trial attorney Tony T. Liu began serving the interests of individuals and businesses in the Golden State upon being admitted to the California State Bar in 2003. Once he graduated from Chapman University School of Law, he pursued L.L.M.s in both taxation and trial advocacy in addition to graduating from Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College and the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Trial Advocacy Project in furtherance of his expertise.

In addition to representing companies in litigation matters, he advises clients in all manner of subjects related to business and commercial law. He also opted to craft the Focus Law model in such a way that it serves as a flexible general counsel program for companies that do not choose to maintain an in-house counsel team. By both proactively advising clients to avoid legal challenges and responding in thoughtful, strategic ways to any legal issues that do arise, he has earned a reputation for excellence in client-focused representation within the Southern California business community.

Meet Attorney
Attorney Tony Liu
In addition to pursuing his passion as a dedicated legal advocate, Tony T. Liu is also a grateful husband, father, and invested member in the communities in and around Orange County and Los Angeles County California.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are a host of remedies that are potentially available in the event of a breach of contract scenario. The remedy that may be best suited for the situation – which could possibly involve a specific performance order – will be dependent upon the unique circumstances in question. Once our team is alerted to a breach of contract concern, we can evaluate the ins and outs of that concern in order to better determine how to move forward in ways that are most likely to facilitate our client’s short-term and broader best interests.

  • Most of the time, a solid response to intellectual property infringement begins with serving the offender with a cease-and-desist letter. If they honor that request, no need for further action is generally warranted unless it’s appropriate to seek damages immediately. If the terms of the cease-and desist letter are ignored, it may benefit a company’s interests if we negotiate with the offender on the company’s behalf and/or file a lawsuit to seek additional remedies. Each case is unique and requires a thoughtful and strategic analysis and ultimate approach.

  • Depending on the nature of a company’s wrongdoing, shareholders with an interest in a particular business operation can potentially hold management liable for individual and/or broader corporate wrongdoing. Depending on the nature of the concern in question, shareholders can potentially file regulatory complaints, propose shareholder resolutions, and even initiate litigation aimed at securing damages. As corporations and their top management officials tend to have access to significant resources, it’s important to engage the services of learned legal counsel before taking on corporate interests. Strategic approaches and careful timing can better ensure a favorable outcome.

  • Depending on an aspiring business owner’s vision for their new company – or an existing business owner’s vision for evolving their current operations – forming a business partnership can be an advantageous course of action. Depending on the structure of a particular partnership, co-owners can share operational responsibilities, the burden of financial obligations, and risk. Additionally, they can benefit from each other’s diverse skill sets, sphere of influence, and networking potential. Business partnerships can result in more efficient, effective operations that allow each owner to maintain a greater work-life balance as well. Our team can help business owners interested in crafting a partnership to explore their options in ways that safeguard their interests.

  • It is generally possible to dissolve a partnership successfully in the wake of learning that one’s partner has engaged in wrongdoing. Certainly, it is generally a good idea to seek legal guidance in order to evaluate the wrongdoing in question and better determine whether dissolution of the partnership is the only viable way forward before committing to this plan of action. However, if dissolution is the best way forward, our team can help a wronged partner to achieve this aim. While most partnership dissolution scenarios need to play out according to any terms agreed to in a legally-enforceable partnership agreement, there are times when an individual’s wrongdoing may nullify certain rights in this regard.