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Past Cases

Our firm proudly served as the legal counsel for the client targeting the partial acquisition of a professional sports franchise.

Our firm is at the forefront of transforming business acquisitions into triumphs. We go beyond mere document drafting; we meticulously craft bespoke investment strategies, each uniquely tailored to the investment group’s specific needs. By establishing robust business entities and rigorously scrutinizing target acquisition agreements, we adeptly turn legal complexities into the client’s strategic advantages. Our work is not mere collaboration with investment groups; it’s a seamless fusion of legal expertise and investment vision, ensuring that your objectives aren’t just met—they’re surpassed. In a high-profile case like this, we showcased our prowess in navigating intricate business terrains and clinching significant deals, a testament to our capacity to elevate your company to new heights. Choose us for an unmatched experience of having a legal powerhouse that champions and propels your company’s ambitions to success.

Successfully resolved the case by filing a lawsuit that compelled the dishonest partners to buy out our client’s stake in the company at a satisfactory price.

Our recent case involved the co-founders of a high-tech company established over 20 years ago, with operations spanning the US and most of Asia. Despite starting the company fresh from university, diverging interests and changes over time led to internal conflicts. Our client, the brain behind the product engineering, faced exploitation and undermining by his co-founder, who sought to oust him from the company by using family influence to manipulate the board (the dishonest partner hired his own family members for key positions and board membership). Ultimately, our legal strategy led to successful mediation, resulting in a seven-figure settlement for our client. This resolution allows him to invest in new business ventures and pursue his life’s passions.

Successfully resolved after the filing of a lawsuit, allowing the client to close a distressing chapter and move forward with their life.

In a case involving an 18-unit apartment complex in Orange County, we represented an owner who discovered the managing partners were misusing partnership assets for personal gain and treating the company’s bank account as their personal piggy bank. Our firm successfully negotiated a settlement that pleased our client, allowing them to turn the page on this distressing issue and move forward in life unburdened by this ordeal.

Testified as an expert in LLC partnership law in court proceedings.

Tony Liu was retained by an LLC that had been unjustly sued by a member attempting to coerce the LLC into buying out her stake at an inflated price. Mr. Liu’s mandate was to review the LLC manager’s actions to determine whether they were within the scope of his fiduciary duties and the business judgment rule, as well as to address other regulatory compliance issues.

Secured a favorable arbitration ruling, recuperated attorney’s fees and costs, and halted the emotional and financial drain from this meritless lawsuit due to the plaintiff’s litigious pursuit.

Our victory in a complex case involved three LLC members who co-owned a property that was also used for their individual businesses. We defended one of the two members who were wrongfully accused of fraud by a co-member, who claimed full ownership and alleged misconduct by the defending members. Following a rigorous arbitration process lasting over 20 days, our firm secured a favorable ruling for our client, providing complete vindication. Additionally, the defending members obtained a seven-figure sum for the recovery of attorney’s fees and costs.

The case was successfully dismissed weeks before trial, with the recovery of attorney’s fees and costs from a litigious plaintiff, thereby ending the nightmare for our client before the trial.

Our defense of a client erroneously accused of nondisclosure by a commercial real estate buyer was robust. Although the lawsuit was filed at the brink of the statute of limitations, our vigorous defense persuaded the court to dismiss the case just weeks before trial. Moreover, our team skillfully navigated and overcame four subsequent appeals, culminating in a four-year litigation and appeal process that not only resulted in a favorable outcome for our client but also secured a reasonable award of attorney’s fees.