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Real Estate Litigation

Southern California has some of the most valuable real estate in the country. Disputes over real estate can have major impacts on businesses, whether they’re landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers or developers. We can help you and your business prevent real estate disputes from evolving into lawsuits or protect your rights and interests if the issue will be resolved through litigation.

The practice of commercial real estate litigation involves income producing real estate properties and projects of a wide variety, including office buildings, retail centers, apartment buildings and condominium developments, hotels and industrial and specialty properties. When disputes arise over commercial property the financial stakes may be high and the results could impact the parties for a long time to come.

Litigation can happen due to disagreements in any aspect of these projects from acquisition and financing to development and construction to management and leasing.

  • For developers legal claims can arise when disputes concern buyers and sellers and purchase and sale agreements; with cities over zoning and land use regulations and with contractors over construction bidding, cost overruns, construction defects and delays.
  • For lenders, lawsuits may involve borrowers over loan commitments, loan defaults and associated debt, and collateral recovery and with mechanic lienors over priority rights to the real property and loan proceeds.
  • For property owners, disputes can arise with retail and commercial tenants over unpaid rent, repair and restoration obligations and rights of first refusal.

Real estate litigation can involve several parties with multiple claims against each other and insurance companies may represent some of the parties as well. If you’re involved in real estate litigation you need an attorney who can untangle all the claims and make sure your legal rights and interests are protected.

The parties could be involved with multiple contracts and breach of contract and tort claims may be made. Common law claims, like fraud and tortious interference, could be alleged as well as more real estate specific claims, such as trespass, encroachment and nuisance. Special insurance rights, including title and builder’s risk policies, may be involved.

Reaching your goals when you’re involved in real estate litigation requires the correct strategy, properly executed. Each case must be looked at as unique because real estate litigation is not a “cookie cutter” situation. We look at these cases as problems that, if they can’t be prevented, need to be solved.

We handle all aspects of real estate litigation cases for commercial and residential developers, commercial landlords, major tenants, property managers, private landowners, builders, REIT’s and others in both single party and multi-party disputes.

If your business is involved with real estate in some way, whether it’s an important cost to your business or real estate is at the core of what your company does, We can help you take steps to prevent potential problems from becoming lawsuits. He can also represent your company in negotiations, mediation, arbitration and litigation in order to resolve the issue.

If you want to learn more about a legal issue involving real estate or need legal representation in a real estate related dispute, contact the real estate litigation experts at Focus Law today by calling now at (714) 415-2007.

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