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Why should you care about merchandising? 

October 04, 2021

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Why should you care about merchandising? What is merchandising? It’s the way products are displayed and portrayed in the store. They may also be stocked next to a mirror with hygienic samples so that customers can try them. The goal of merchandising is twofold: psychological and financial. You want to create a positive emotional response and boost sales. Thus, merchandising plays a key part in retail marketing. 

Merchandising helps to sell more; it is a common and sometimes can even be a zero cost tool. Merchandising can be used in physical stores but also in other sales formats. The key is to think of merchandising as something visual. 

Why should you care about merchandising?

Here are some aspects to take care of with merchandising: 

  • lightning

Lightning helps to draw attention to the places you want to emphasize. 

  • signage

Signage grabs customers’ attention and gives essential pieces of information. 

  • decoration and decor 

Consider how to help customers envision the products’ use. 

When you use merchandising correctly, you create a positive shopping experience. By creating a positive shopping experience, you make the experience more memorable and create customer loyalty. In addition, merchandising strategies build connection with the customer. Finally, merchandising also makes your space more enjoyable.

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