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What to expect from your marketing consultant

September 06, 2021

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What to expect from your marketing consultant

An outside marketing consultant can be an excellent resource for your company. A marketing consultant can help you clarify what you should do, share strategies and help you execute them. 

It is necessary that you enter into a relationship with your marketing consultant with the correct expectation. Here are some tips to help you manage your expectations: 

  • Don’t expect your marketing consultant to know it all.

A good marketing consultant will know what she is doing. She will have experience in the corporate world and on their own. The consultant will bring new ideas to the table and help you focus on the best marketing activities for your company. You need to remember that you are working with a consultant, not with God. It is your job to make the consultant as knowledgeable about your company, your products, your markets, and your customers as you are.

  • Don’t expect your marketing consultant to take responsibility for the grunt work.

Think of your marketing consultant as a guide that will help you understand which activities are the most worthy ones. Don’t expect your marketing consultant to send emails, call prospects, write blogs, twit, etc. 

  • Don’t expect guarantees. 

It is nearly impossible for a marketing consultant to guarantee results. A good marketing consultant will explain a marketing strategy’s pros, cons, good, and bad. She will outline the best and worst-case scenarios and help you evaluate the risk of a campaign.

  • Finally, don’t expect a good (or bad) marketing consultant to be cheap. 

Remember that you get what you pay. Marketing consultants are no exception. Of course, just because somebody charges a big fee doesn’t mean they are great or a good fit for your business. Keep the consultant with small projects and few hours until you know their capabilities. To know if a marketing consultant is worth it, it is all about the return on investment. A capable marketing consultant will significantly contribute to the success of the company. 

Make sure you have realistic expectations when hiring a consultant.

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