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Market research is the foundation of any successful business.

August 30, 2021

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Market research is the foundation of any successful business. Market research can help you understand the information you need to improve your business regarding the audience, products, pricing, and even customer relations. Conducting market research may sound intimidating and overcomplicated, but it is simply collecting and analyzing information about your customers. In addition, market research lets you focus on improvement by getting to know your target audience and their preferences. 

Market research helps you see if a new business idea is workable, expand into new markets or a new niche, and even take advantage of market trends. 

So, how to do market research? Market research is the foundation of any successful business.

There are two basic approaches to doing market research: you can do it yourself or hire a third party to help you. During the research process, your data will be either qualitative or quantitative. And that data can also be either primary or secondary. 

Qualitative data is data that can not be quantified or measured. Instead, it is how the customer perceived your product or service. Common research methods of qualitative data can be focus groups or personal interviews. On the other hand, quantitative data is information that can be measured. Therefore, it is statistical data, and it can be collected through questionnaires, surveys, and observation. 

Primary data means the information is first hand and you collected it for your research. This data type can be collected by customer surveys, personal interviews, focus groups, observation, and social listening. Secondary data is the data that has been collected for another purpose, but it can serve your study as well. Secondary data can be cheaper, but it can also be outdated and inaccurate. You can get secondary data from government reports and studies, journals, magazines, newspapers, websites, reviews, case studies, internal sources, among many others. 

Before conducting your market research, make sure you define your questions, know your buyer, understand your market research budget, and understand your market research goals. That is why market research is the foundation of any successful business.

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