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Keep your business cash during a financial crisis.

February 21, 2022

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Keep your business cash during a financial crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many things; on a personal and professional level. In my personal experience, having an emergency fund was what I learned the most on this pandemic; and I believe the same applies to businesses. If you didn’t have an emergency fund for your business, or if you were part of the lucky ones who had funds but ran out of it, on this blog, we are going to show you three ways you can conserve cash during a financial crisis.

  1. Do a financial review.

Be on top of your cash flow management all the time and not only when the economy is not as good as you would like. Canceling unnecessary recurring charges, questioning why you are spending that money, and finding a way to optimize your finances is an important task to do all year, every year. 

  1. Talk to your clients and vendors. 

Ask your vendors for payment extensions if possible. Big companies are usually sympathetic to small businesses in times of crisis. On the other side, try to get your client’s invoices as fast as possible. Consider offering discounts for early payments; even when less cash comes to your account, it comes sooner, and remember that what you need at that moment is cash flow. 

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