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Boost your remote team collaboration with these tactics.

October 24, 2022

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Boost your remote team collaboration with these tactics. Since the pandemic, remote work is the new normal, and most people seem to like it except for one factor. Remote work can be very isolating. People’s need for human interaction is still there. So what can we do about it? The ideal would be to use tactics to boost collaboration regardless of where your team is. Here are three strategies you can implement: 

  • Promote relationship building

It is very common to think that every minute people spend with remote teammates has to be about work when that is not necessarily true. Encouraging small talk in meetings helps remote workers not feel isolated. If it feels awkward to schedule “online coffee breaks,” incorporate 5 minutes of pleasant conversation into your meetings. Another option is to schedule “Ask Me Anything” sessions and encourage everyone to share their thoughts.

  • Be clear with goals and expectations

Boost your remote team collaboration with these tactics.It is important to set SMART goals in your business and share them with your team. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound  If you want to know how to set SMART goals, click here to read an article about it. Sharing goals with your teammates help them know what is expected of them and leads to collaboration, brainstorming, and engagement. 

  • Recognize and applaud the successful collaboration

A great and effective way to replicate behavior you would like to see more often is to highlight it. The team leader should recognize jobs that have been done well because of collaboration efforts.  Even if the outcome wasn’t spectacular, it is valuable to share how employees overcome distance difficulties by collaborating together. 

Collaboration has become one of the biggest challenges of remote work. Implement these three tips and let us know how they worked for you. Implementing collaboration and boosting your teammates and employees sense of belonging is only one of the things you should take care of in your business. If you need help with your corporate matters, make sure to work with a business lawyer. Focus Law is an established and growing law firm that helps clients with various needs, including corporate matters and partnership disputes. Call us today at (714) 415-2007, or schedule a Kick-off meeting by clicking here.