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Announcement: I’m writing a book

February 28, 2017

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My friends,

I have always thought of myself as a business attorney and not too much of an author. In college, it was a fantasy of mine to be an author writing novels for a living. However, I have always brushed it off as just a fantasy.

Last week after I attended a two-day Mastermind conference put together by Transform Destiny followed by a three-day Publishing to Profit workshop, I got the ideas, right motivation, and an action plan to write and publish a series of books that will provide legal information for small business owners who can use information to make their business running smoothly, follow government regulations, reduce the risk of getting involved in lawsuits, and to protect their assets. The first book is scheduled to be published on June 31, 2017.

I want to thank all the Inner Circle Members and friends I have made at the Mastermind and Publishing to Profit workshop for providing the clarity and the encouragement. I especially thank Danise Jarett, my weekly accountability coach, for making sure that I get this message out before the end of February.

Stay tuned, there are more updates to come and bye for now.