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[Update] 3rd relief is in the talk, and it may be more than just money.

May 05, 2020

Posted in COVID-19

Well, well, well, the Senator Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, made a statement on the Senate floor, saying that he will not consider any future aid dealing with the impact of COVID-19 unless the aid also includes liability or litigation protection for businesses and employees after businesses re-open.

That should give you a hint of the legal landscape after businesses re-open!

Yes, the economy is going to reopen soon. Governor Newsom stated today that business will be gradually allowed to open starting this coming Friday!

A lot of issues that may have been forced to be dormant due to the stay at home order will pop up once your business is reopened. Now is the time to plan for mitigation or elimination of those threats.

You don’t want to be in the situation that these threats are dragging you down while you are competing for business.

If you want to talk about what’s lurking in your business, the potential threat, and mitigation or elimination strategies, you can schedule a consultation with me HERE

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