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Re-Opening Economy, Are You Ready?

April 28, 2020

Posted in COVID-19

Have you heard?  California’s economy is going to be re-opened soon, maybe in weeks, according to Governor Newsom.

So are you ready?

You should pay attention to the following four areas that may lurk in your business while shut-down or staying at home.

  • #1 –  Employment law compliance – Potential overtime, lunch, and break violations while working at home, or possible termination of employment after they return from almost 2 months of working remotely.
  • # 2 – Breach of Contract – The COVID-19 really put a lot of businesses in a tailspin and disrupted many areas of our business: supply chain, distribution, operating, sales, marketing.  Often the business owners are not able to collect the money their customers owe fast enough to pay their bills.
  • #3 – Commercial lease modification or restructuring – Regardless of whether you are a commercial landlord or tenants, you most likely will be facing the questions of how to make up (or collect) the missed lease payments.
  • #4 – Re-negotiate with your creditor – restructuring the accumulation of debts due to cash flow disruptions will probably be the focus when our business is re-opened. Most likely we will need to speed up the collection of receivables and will need to negotiate with persons to whom we owe money by working out an alternative payment schedule.

To download and read the updated Report entirely, click HERE ===> FULL REPORT

In the Report, Doing Business in the Post-COVID-19 New Normal, I discuss the following:

  • 3 things you need to focus on now no matter what industry you are in
  • Back Side Protection of Your Business
  • What Should You Do Now to stabilize your business?
  • 4 Issues That May Crush Your Business After the COVID-19 Crisis Is Over?
  • What’s Next?

Share the Report with your friends and business associates who may benefit from the information.  It’s my way of reaching out and helping the business community.

If you need immediate assistance with certain issues that you know will explode at any time, let’s talk about your options and how to mitigate the impact.

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