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Three Situations That You Need to Call Your Business Lawyer Right Away!

August 11, 2020

Posted in Business Start Ups

Today I’m going to talk to you about three situations that could occur in your business. You need to contact your lawyer right away. 

Hi, my name is Tony Liu. I’m a business attorney helping entrepreneurs to stabilize, grow, and scale their businesses without worry, and fear of legal consequences, even in the pandemic.

The first situation is that somebody is calling you and telling you that they are having a difficult time paying you as agreed. Hey, I get it. We are all in this unprecedented time. And as long as the negotiation makes sense, we all want to help our business vendors, right. But there are times the proposal just doesn’t make sense. And there’s a time that you need to get your lawyers involved in it to make sure that you know the consequences if you decide to change the terms. 

The second situation is when you are negotiating a deal, and there is a great risk involved in the transaction. You want to call your lawyer right away, to make sure that if the situation goes belly up, you are protected and you are able to get out of the agreement. 

The third situation is that in your gut, you just feel something isn’t quite right. For example, you ask your counterparts to show you the accounting record. He or she gives you all kinds of reasons why they can’t comply. They start to exclude you from meetings. And even worse, they start to call you names. That is a red flag, you need to call your lawyer right away. 

Listen, if you’ve run into this situation, I know you are asking yourself right now, “what are my options?” and that’s the reason you need to call us right away. We can make time. Talk about you, your business, your situation, and how this is affecting you right now. Call me at (714) 415-2007