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We Serve Business Clients in China and Taiwan – Litigation and Business Transactions.

October 21, 2013

Posted in Business Litigation, Business Start Ups

PHOTO BY: ANIBAL ORTIZ, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Tony Liu, a business litigation and trial attorney here in Orange County, specializes in representing Chinese and Taiwanese businesses in U.S.

When I started my private practice, I decided that I wanted my practice to have a significant international component. Now about half of my clients are affiliated with East Asia, including Taiwan and China.

Legal Services for Businesses Operating on Both Sides of the Pacific

One of the common services that my foreign clients require is litigation. Although I have a wide range of legal expertise, my strength as a litigator resides in my mastery of civil procedure and trial advocacy. I understand that the costs of handling international disputes can quickly escalate. That is why I craft cost effective strategies for clients who need to sue U.S. businesses or individuals.

Besides litigation one of the most commonly needed business services is collecting judgments. Many times business owners forget that collecting a judgment may be just as challenging as obtaining the judgment in the first place, unless the right steps are taken to protect your interests in the property of others. I have successfully helped businesses in Asia collect judgments against U.S. businesses, and vice versa.

In some cases litigation may not be the most effective way of resolving disputes. In virtually all of my cases negotiation is a tool I use to save costs for my clients; sometimes formally through arbitration and mediation, or more informally through settlement conferences.

I find that another commonly needed service is legal counseling to facilitate business transactions. I retain close ties with my clients and connections in Taiwan and Asia, so I understand the realities of doing business across the pacific. That is why I am able to effectively analyze business decisions to explain their legal repercussions and also help businesses actively minimize risk and liability in their transactions.

Why Hiring Local Counsel in the U.S. Can be Helpful for Businesses in Asia

My services were recently profiled in the Orange County Register. One interesting aspect of the article was a study cited by Microsoft that showed that having a member of a work team in a remote location actually increased work performance. Apparently having an isolated worker in a business team boosted efficiency because of the novelty of having a worker in an isolated location. Researchers also believe that having an offsite team member motivated the team to be more organized.  Having remote workers also allowed workers to achieve greater balance because remote workers are able to work from home they can more easily take care of child rearing duties.

I have also found that communication is vital to ensuring success in business and business litigation. This is why my fluency in both Mandarin and Taiwanese helps me effectively resolve business disputes. Being able to communicate without an interpreter is crucial to picking up social cues that can help provide more effective services.

Since the nature of business is becoming more globalized every year it makes sense to find a U.S. attorney that you can rely on. A recent Asia Society report shows Asian involvement in Southern California is booming; from 2000 to 2011 more than $618 million in new venture deals with China alone took place in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana metro areas.

Orange County International Business Attorney

The Law Offices of Tony T. Liu offers cost effective legal counsel for businesses in Taiwan, China, and throughout Asia. To learn more contact us at (714) 415-2007.