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Gender discrimination in the workplace. In 2022?

August 22, 2022

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Gender discrimination in the workplace. In 2022?  It seems like it is happening. An Al-Jazeera employee filed a lawsuit against the TV cable news broadcaster for discrimination against its female employees. The federal lawsuit alleges that Al-Jazeera treats female employees unequally to men regarding payment, credits, and promotions.

Al-Jazeera is an English TV Network that has recently had several complaints about gender discrimination amongst its employees. One of the complaints was filed on July 15. Al-Jazeera committed several causes of action, including gender discrimination and violation of the Equal Pay Act (read more about the Equal Pay Act here).

Attorney Tracy C. Lemmon of Lemmon Employment Law & Conflict Resolution counsels Emily Gibson, the lead plaintiff in the case, claims that Al-Jazeera took back a promotion given to Gibson after they discovered that she was working with a group to address issues of gender equality in the workplace.

“As long as women continue to do excellent work and don’t ask for more they are tolerated,” Lemmon wrote. “But as soon as they asked to be recognized or raise a concern that women aren’t being treated the same. That is where we see swift retaliation.”

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The case is Gibson v. Al-Jazeera International (USA) LLC, No. CV-04153, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.